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 @CotsenAoT | March, 9, 2017  
Fullerton's Beechwood School Foundation Salutes the ART of TEACHING at its Casino Royale Night - The Beechwood School Foundation held a festive evening at the Richard Nixon Library on February 24th. The event brought together parents, friends and supporters of Beechwood Elementary School, for a Dinner Auction. Said Kate Strauss, the Foundation's President, "The night is about celebrating - celebrating our successes and looking ahead to the next chapter, the next dreams for our students."...
Cotsen Enhances School Leadership Capacity to Support and Sustain School-wide Instructional Excellence - Collaborative professional teams are essential tools for growth and improvement in schools. As a result, just as the Cotsen Foundation for the ART of TEACHING creates powerful learning communities among mentors and fellows to improve their individual teaching practices, the foundation also offers dynamic leadership networks to school administrators and coaches, to support their efforts to promote and sustain school-wide instructional excellence. Two of the opportunities for school leaders that the ART of TEACHING offers are the New Teachers' Center Principals' Network, and Principals' Technology Network (PTN)....
Acacia Educators Share Tech Tools for Enhancing Literacy Practices Cotsen principals, administrators, and teachers had an opportunity to observe signature literacy practices at Acacia Elementary School in the Fullerton School District. Their staff has implemented instructional technologies to enhance their Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop. Over 70 participants assembled at the Acacia school site to see how student comprehension can be strengthened by successful integrative technologies....
[Video Slideshow] Acacia Technology Observation - Highlights from the Acacia Elementary Technology observation...
Cotsen Mentors and Principals Take Part in Differentiated Coaching Workshop - There is a considerable body of research that speaks to the effectiveness of coaching as a tool for improving instruction. Having another set of friendly eyes in a classroom to provide feedback enables teachers to remain focused and relentless in their pursuit of excellence. Consequently, the ART of TEACHING is committed to providing the highest quality ongoing support for mentors and administrators as they work to enhance their coaching skills....
Mission: The mission of the Cotsen Foundation for the ART of TEACHING is to transform good teachers into great teachers. This transformation occurs through a program in which proven educators receive coaching and mentoring to achieve the highest levels of teaching excellence.
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Dear Colleague,

We are very pleased to announce that applications for the 2017 Summer Institutes will be available on our website beginning next Wednesday, February 22nd at 9am EST, less than a week away. For more information, please visit the following webpage:
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Please keep in mind, past experience shows that thousands will be logging in to apply the first day, which may cause website delays. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Please be patient and know that all applications submitted in the first few days will receive equal consideration from our registration team. We hope you will apply to join us this summer!

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