Inside the ART of TEACHING

Fall 2013 Issue Now Available!


Within these pages, we take a look at some of the exciting and rewarding challenges we have embraced at the ART of TEACHING these past few months.  With the coming of the Common Core, the ART of TEACHING has started the 2013-2014 year with a special interest in the rigorous standards that speak to the kind of teaching that we have supported and championed.  We welcome its change and have eagerly strengthened our opportunities for growth, particularly in literacy and mathematics this year.

Because of the Common Core’s emphasis on problem solving, conceptual understanding, reading depth and breadth, and reasoned opinion, the foundation is well-positioned to respond to the challenge.

The twelve-year record of the ART of TEACHING has been characterized by an emphasis on the significance of a strong and rigorous curriculum shared by a teacher who brings to the classroom a sense of passion in the content and an interest in the student.  And who, as Lloyd Cotsen holds, can make magic…  To continue reading, download your copy of Inside the ART of TEACHING – Fall 2013.


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