The ART of TEACHING has a demonstrated record of success in improving teaching, which in turn increases student learning and school performance. Independent evaluations, participant surveys, and observations of teaching all indicate that most participants demonstrate growth toward teaching excellence after the two-year fellowship.

Effects on Teaching
Independent evaluations and surveys of participants both suggest that fellows improve the quality of their teaching, becoming better able to adapt to individual student needs and strengthening their content area expertise. Observations of videos of fellows in the ART of TEACHING indicate that the vast majority demonstrate greater levels of teaching excellence after two-years, with many reaching a level that can only be described as artful.

Effects on Students
Students of fellows in the ART of TEACHING master important, standards-based content and high-level skills and concepts. They are able to demonstrate this mastery on multiple forms of assessment. Perhaps more importantly, students of Cotsen fellows become engaged, active participants in the classroom who are passionate about learning.

Effects on Schools

While only a handful of teachers at a school participate directly in the fellowship, their enthusiasm and renewed passion for teaching often serve as the catalyst for improvements in collaboration and instruction across the entire school.

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