Land Grant Ranch, San Jose De Buenos Ayres, 1887-1889

Lesson: Land Grant Ranch, San Jose De Buenos Ayres, 1887-1889

note: this lesson is part of a Unit called “Los Californios: California’s Spanish, Native American, and African Heritage”

Creator: Raul Alarcon, UCLA Lab School

Grade Level Recommendation: 4

To illustrate the challenges the early land-holding families of California (the Californios) faced with the arrival of Anglo-American settlers, UCLA Lab School teacher Raul Alarcon focuses his lesson on Rancho De Buenos Ayres, now present day West Los Angeles and the site of UCLA and its Lab School. Through the analysis of primary source documents and maps, the students’ study of the rancho introduces them to political and social issues that extended far beyond the boundaries of one particular land holding during the Spanish and Mexican periods of California history. The complete lesson plan and related primary sources are available online at Calisphere.

Watch as Raul Alarcon introduces the lesson and the students’ initial activity.
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In this slideshow, you will see the types of work and engagement generated by this lesson and unit.