A day in the life of a fellow

Fellows in the ART of TEACHING remain in their classrooms with their students. The big difference is they have a mentor who supports them in and out of their classroom for at least two hours per week. During the two-hour coaching cycle, the mentor and fellow plan a lesson, the fellow decides what evidence the mentor collects in the classroom, and together they debrief what they’ve learned and next steps. The work is based on the fellow’s goals developed in collaboration with the mentor.

Before School

Fellows may possibly meet with their mentors in the mornings before school starts to lesson planning meetings or debriefs. These meetings can be anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour each.

During School

During the school day, fellows conduct their planned lesson with the mentor observing and recording evidence for the fellow. The observation usually lasts between 30 minutes to an hour. Occasionally, the fellow may ask to watch the mentor demonstrate a lesson or co-teach.

After School

Fellows may possibly schedule their lesson observation debrief meetings with their mentor after school, usually lasting between 30 minutes to an hour each. These meetings can also be combined with planning meetings for the next lesson observation.

Outside of School

Fellows may attend trainings with their mentor during the school day at alternate locations throughout the area. Fellows may also visit other classrooms or attend conferences outside of school.