The Cotsen Foundation for the ART of TEACHING Celebrates Its 2019 Graduates at End-of-Year Luncheon

The Cotsen Foundation for the ART of TEACHING Celebrates Its 2019 Graduates at End-of-Year Luncheon

On Saturday, May 18th, the Cotsen Foundation for the ART of TEACHING hosted the annual End-of-Year Luncheon Celebration at the Skirball Cultural Center.

This annual celebration honored the newly graduated Cotsen Class of 2019 as they finished their two-year fellowship program. Kicking off the luncheon, Founding Director and Board Chair Margit Sperling Cotsen, President and Director Dr. Barry Munitz, and Vice President, Director of Education and Visitor Experience Sheri Bernstein, came to the lectern to welcome the fellows, mentors, alumni, and administrators.

“A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every passerby leaves a mark,” Mrs. Cotsen remarked. “Just think about that. The positive and meaningful mark you have on your students is never-ending. I hope you all feel the power and value of your work. I want you to know how very much we appreciate you and your efforts.”

After the opening introductions, five fellows and a mentor took their places at the speakers’ lectern and, one by one spoke about their journey in the ART of TEACHING.

Speaking on behalf of the 2019 graduating class were the following representatives: (Click the link to watch on YouTube)

Lisa Hong, Richmond Street, El Segundo

Caren Casriel, Lampton Elementary, Norwalk-La Mirada

Samantha Rodriguez, Oswalt Academy, Rowland

Tim Kung, Mill School and Technology Academy, Whittier City

Venus Moller/Rebecca Guess, Courreges Elementary, Fountain Valley

Stephanie A. Guppy, Robert C. Fisler School, Fullerton

Concluding the program, Executive Director, Jerry Harris came to the lectern to thank the graduates for their dedication to excellent teaching. “I think Mr. Cotsen couldn’t be more proud than to see his foundation developing life-long learners…You keep teaching them that it’s not just the grade on the test and once they’ve learned that they’ll go on to the next thing. You model this life-long passion for learning, which truly is the gift that keeps on giving.”

Following the closing remarks, the newly minted alumni received his or her graduation certificate and the Cotsen pin, awarded to all graduates of the ART of TEACHING fellowship program. The class of 2019 marks the 16th consecutive End-of-Year graduation ceremony since the founding of the ART of TEACHING program in 2001. The Cotsen alumni network has since grown to 1360 educators.

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