How to Apply

There is currently a waiting list of districts and schools seeking to participate in the ART of TEACHING. At this time, the foundation is only working with schools and districts in Southern California. If a school or district would like to be added to the waiting list, and resides in our network area, you can email one of our recruiters at for more information and consideration for the ART of TEACHING.

A screening committee engages in a rigorous process to determine if teachers, leadership at the school, key district administrators and others have the capacity and commitment to successfully engage in the ART of TEACHING program.

Strong support from the district and the principal are required for a school to be considered for participation. Once a school is selected, the Cotsen Foundation for the ART of TEACHING invites all experienced teachers within a school to apply to become a Cotsen fellow.

Interested teachers complete applications and the foundation screens and selects both a highly accomplished teacher as the mentor and a cohort of five to eight teachers for fellowships. During the screening process, each applicant is observed teaching a complete lesson by two to four educators from outside that school district. An interview with the applicant follows. The foundation seeks to reach the top 20 percent of the teaching faculty, so the screening is very selective and not all applicants are chosen.