Who We Are
Founding Director, Cotsen Foundation for the Art of Teaching
Mrs. Margit Sperling Cotsen
President and CEO, Cotsen Foundation for the Art of Teaching; President and CEO, Cotsen Foundation for Academic Research; Chancellor Emeritus, California State University; President and CEO, J. Paul Getty Trust (Ret.)
Dr. Barry Munitz
Founder and retired President & CEO, Los Angeles Education Partnership
Mrs. Peggy Funkhouser
Founder, California State University Institute for Education Reform; Former California State Secretary of Education; Former California State Senator, Chair Education Committee
Mr. Gary K. Hart
Former President, The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens; Former President, Reed College
Dr. Steven Koblik
Principal, Flower Hill Primary School of Huntington Public Schools in New York
Ms. Lucia Laguarda
Former President, California Institute of the Arts
Dr. Steven Lavine
Senior Managing Director of Balmoral Funds
Mr. Jonathan Victor
Chief Administrative Officer and Board Secretary
Jolie Godoy
Chief Financial Officer
Kamyab Hashemi-Nejad
President and Chief Executive Officer
Barry Munitz
Founding Director and Board Chair
Margit Sperling Cotsen
Data, Grants, and Budget Manager
Tyler Sanders
Senior Program Officer
Chris Quirarte
Senior Program Officer
Jodi Manby
Executive Director
Jerry Harris
Associate Director
Barbara Golding
Program Officer
Dianne Glinos
Executive Assistant
Vivian Galanti
Program Officer
Lyndon Catayong
Senior Program Officer
Angela Bae