Cotsen Principal Discusses Common Core Implementation

Jacki Teschke, a principal in the Cypress School District and Cotsen alumna, describes how her ART of TEACHING experience has prepared her and her school for the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.  

What It Takes to Implement the Common Core

In this video, Sean Lindsay (Cotsen alumnus, ’05 and ’07) shares his thoughts on some of the conditions that can support the successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

Instructional Excellence Through Artful Teaching

Jerry Harris kicks off the 8th Annual the ART of TEACHING Conference for the first time as the executive director of the Cotsen Foundation for the ART of TEACHING. Jerry’s remarks highlight the growth of the foundation since its inception in 2001 and recognize Lloyd Cotsen, the chairman and founder of the ART of TEACHING.

Building a Culture of Quality

Ron Berger, the Chief Program Officer for the non-profit school improvement network, Expeditionary Learning, a national network of over 160 public project-based schools in 30 states, presents the keynote address at the 8th Annual the ART of TEACHING Conference, which welcomed more than 500 attendees, many of whom were educators and participants in the ART of […]

Teaching to the Common Core: 1st Grade Math

  In this video, Cotsen alumna Teri Malpass teaches a 1st Grade math class using “Math Wall” and cognitively guided instruction as students work to solve a word problem. Below you will find the Common Core State Standards addressed, as well as questions to consider while watching the video. Print in bold represents information found […]

The Art of Teaching Science: Cotsen alumna recognized by congress

In this video, Lisa McClellan (Cotsen alumna fellow from 2006 to 2007 and mentor from 2007 to 2009), teaches science to a 3rd grade classroom. Lisa, a teacher at McGaugh Elementary School in the Los Alamitos School District recently received the Congressional Letter of Recognition for Excellence in Science Education, presented by Kathleen Staunton, District […]

Reflections of a Cotsen Fellow

ART of TEACHING fellow shares the benefits of having a mentor and how together they have taken his skills as a teacher to the next level.

Graduating Teachers Reflect on Their Cotsen Experience

Cotsen mentors and fellows share the highlights of their Cotsen experience in this compilation video.

The Effects of Teaching Excellence

By Cotsen Foundation for the ART of TEACHING – In this video compilation, various Cotsen teachers demonstrate the effects of teaching excellence on student learning. You will see students articulating their thinking, developing arguments using logic and evidence, working productively with their peers, and finding joy in their own learning.

Teachers Talk at the ART of TEACHING Conference

Teachers comment on the inspiring and valuable impact the 7th Annual ART of TEACHING Conference has on their craft. Nearly 500 public school teachers and administrators from districts in various parts of Northern and Southern California attended this year’s ART of TEACHING Conference, presented by Cotsen Foundation for the ART of TEACHING on September 22nd […]