Report: Effective Teacher Professional Development Crucial to Common Core

Report: Effective Teacher Professional Development Crucial to Common Core

By David Nagel, T.H.E. Journal

The success of the largest education reform effort of the last decade — Common Core State Standards — is contingent upon effective teacher professional development, according to a new report issued today by the National School Boards Association.

But the report, “Teaching the Teachers: Effective Professional Development in an Era of High Stakes Accountability,” by the NSBA’s Center for Public Education, argued that Common Core standards will require new teaching methods for effective implementation; further, the support for training teachers in those new methods and ensuring those methods are put into practice effectively is simply not there. However, fixing the problem is still within the realm of possibility, even with recessionary budgetary constraints.

“While professional development might not be the most controversial topic in education, its importance must not be minimized,” said Jim Hull, NSBA senior policy analyst, who spoke with reporters at a press briefing today. He said the new standards will require teaching techniques that are substantially different from practices that are in place today, and it will take time not just to teach those techniques but to give teachers a chance to implement them effectively. Continue reading…