Some Thoughts on a New School Year

Some Thoughts on a New School Year

The calendar still says summer, and the days, though growing increasingly shorter, continue to be baked by a sun that seems not quite ready to give way to the crispness of fall.  Yet across the country, teachers and students fill classrooms as they enter into another year of intellectual exploration and growth.

It’s the beginning of a new school year… a truly extraordinary time. It’s a time of sharpened new pencils, fresh unused crayons, and shiny clean mobile devices; a time of anxious parents who want to make sure their child was assigned to the classroom with the best teacher, (of course that generally means a Cotsen teacher.) But perhaps most importantly, it’s a time of fresh starts and new possibilities.

With the memory of last year’s struggles and challenges dimmed by weeks of summer fun, students, parents, and staff each in their own way experience renewal, resolve, and dreams of joyful learning for the upcoming 180 days. The possibilities of fresh starts and clean slates that a new school year brings help make the excitement of this time year palpable.

We at the ART of TEACHING experience the effects of a new school year too. We are tremendously excited about the possibilities for joyful transformative learning and professional growth for each of you who are part of the Cotsen community. This year, we welcome 105 new teachers to our ranks. You are now part of a lively intellectual community of more than 1500 current and alumni mentors, fellows and administrators across thirty districts, who are committed to teaching and learning excellence for themselves and the students they serve.

Cotsen is honored to partner with you in your pursuit of instructional excellence, and we look forward to providing you with professional growth opportunities and support that inspire you and give you tools that help you work magic with your students. Please be on the lookout for notices about them that will be sent to you throughout the year. You should have already received information about the ART of TEACHING’s 14thAnnual Conference, which will take place in Long Beach on Saturday, September 28th, so mark your calendar.

In sum, the 2019-2020 school year begins with great promise of even greater accomplishments for our Cotsen community. Welcome back, and on behalf of our Board of Directors and staff we send our sincerest wishes for the most excellent year ever!



Jerry Harris

Executive Director


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